i think we'd make a lovely mess.

been jamming this a lot recently. 

can’t even pretend to care anymore. can’t. won’t. shouldn’t. 

Hello again, old friend.

The last time I was active on this website, I received a vile comment about some minor weight gain on a photo of a former love and myself. I used to use tumblr as a way to release my everyday stresses and as a source for inspiration. When I decided to remove myself from this community, I found a great a deal of solace in knowing that I was removing myself from something that was creating a lot of unease and unrest in my life. That sentence may seem silly, but when you find yourself suffering due to a lack of respect, you tend to let your mind wander. I found myself questioning my friendships and relationships- who would write such a horrible thing? is it someone that knows my demons? is it someone that i love and care for? all of this BECAUSE OF A WEBSITE. how silly. 

The fact of the matter is that I miss being able to pop on here and let everyone know what is going on and where I am and vice versa. So here we are once again. 

Leave your negativity at the door. 

Love and light,